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Prepare for a variety of career opportunities at home or around the globe when you cultivate your culinary and hospitality skills.

There are opportunities to bring the skills learned at 澳门威尼斯人平台 with you around the world.

热情好客 is a particularly exciting career field to enter right now. There are career opportunities as diverse as can be imagined. 职业生涯 in large corporate sites and small independent operations offer settings to keep you challenged. There are opportunities to bring the skills learned at 澳门威尼斯人平台 with you around the world. The 酒店管理学院 offers a 专业面包师文凭 and a 专业厨师文凭. 有四个副学士学位, 烘焙及糕点艺术, 烹饪艺术, 活动管理及旅游业, 酒店餐厅和餐厅管理. We also offer a 酒店管理理学学士学位.

The faculty in the 酒店管理学院 bring well over five hundred combined years of experience. The comradery and teamwork are evident in their support of student learning. Not only do they have extensive experience in the culinary, 烘焙和糕点, 以及酒店业, 但他们也是有成就的教育家. The school itself is well equipped with all the necessary and specialty equipment to prepare students in international cuisines, 加尔达经理, 粮食生产, 烘焙和糕点.

研究生uates from the 酒店管理学院 can look for and be found in jobs around the globe. 事实上, 苏利文校友可以在酒店找到, 餐饮公司, 餐厅, 游轮, and teaching positions in places anywhere from Kentucky to Europe and Antarctica.

食物, 文化, HISTORY - it's no wonder 路易斯维尔 was ranked #2 by the New York Times for best cities to raise a family!




Nasa Hunch 01


澳门威尼斯人平台 is proud to once again partner with the NASA HUNCH烹饪挑战 competition that helps send one high school student team’s culinary masterpiece to the International Space Station.  点击这里查看NASA Hunch.




在来澳门威尼斯人平台之前, I was a server in a restaurant and could not break out of the foodservice business. I graduated from Sullivan in March of 1985 and landed my first position in the travel industry in May – a position I would have for 13 years. I started with the company as a ticket processor for the customer service department and when I left the company after 13 years, 我是国际销售的区域经理."


旅游副学士 with an emphasis in Marketing 研究生uate

Dsc 1458


“我的经历令人难以置信. I worked with and was taught by some of the most knowledgeable and caring chefs I could have asked for!"


私人厨师文凭及烹饪艺术副学士学位 研究生uate



"It was the best mid-life crisis I could have possibly chosen! I realized that, even in my mid-40s, this dog was not too old to learn new tricks. I was totally engaged by being around both the energy of far younger students, and the knowledge and experience of the chef instructors who were closer to my own age. 新技能, 新词汇, 新的学科, 新的人生观, 重新燃起的灵感和创造力."


专业餐饮专业副学士学位 and Personal Chef 文凭


你好,学生 & 父母!

I am pleased to welcome you to the 酒店管理学院 and our webpage. I hope you have taken the time to explore all that the College has to offer and what being part of the 澳门威尼斯人平台 team really means. 其他厨师和我相信你会发现, 就像很多人一样, that the 酒店管理学院 gives its students the knowledge and the tools they need to compete in today’s hospitality industries (i.e., 烘焙及糕点艺术, 烹饪艺术, 和酒店业), 同时为你们成为未来的行业领袖做准备.

If you are ready for a challenging career in any of our disciplines, have a desire to be held to a high standard academically and in a lab environment, 你在激烈的竞争中脱颖而出, service-oriented situations – then the 酒店管理学院 needs you! 安排时间来看看我们吧. 如果你不确定, 在社交媒体上关注我们吧, YouTube, 在TikTok上关注我, @chefbeighey或者@ sullivanculary你自己看吧.


Robert Beighey, MBA, CEC, CCA, CHE